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Digital Double Services
by Eisko

Eisko is a leading Digital Double company experienced in working with VFX, Video Games, Advertising and Production studios. Our team covers every need related to 3D Humans, from 3D human scanning to body modeling, facial rigging, 3D character animation, hair grooming, cloth simulation and much more.

Photoreal Digital Doubles

Our level of quality suits any high-end production

Lifelike Expressions

We specialize in the expression of human emotions

Specialized in Celebrities

Faithfully preserving the identity of high-profile people

State of the Art Rigging

Our advanced facial & body rigging benefits from years of R&D

Our Digital Double Services


Digital Doubles

The delivery is a head or full body 3D PBR model


Digital Doubles

The delivery is a fully rigged 3D Human, ready for animation


Digital Doubles

The delivery is a complete animated digital human

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Digital Double

From 3D Human Scanning to Digital Doubles for VFX & Real-Time, we cover all 3D Human needs, from casting to integration in any media and platform.

Digital Double

Our in-house technologies spring from years of R&D: 3D Human Scanning, advanced 3D Facial & Body Rigging, photoreal PBR shading & accurate 3D animation.

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